The Role of Teleconsultants

Teleconsultants and their methodologies can be instrumental in making a success of a telemarketing campaign – or they can break it.

Many of us know from personal as well as professional experience, that a telephone contact creates an impression within the very first minute or so.

Teleconsultants who sound totally constrained and script-bound create, at best, an unfavourable first impact. One who appears to have little understanding of the subject matter tends to generate resentment and the use of hopelessly out-of-date data can close off a prospect immediately.

Sadly, such things can happen. In some cases, not only does an inept teleconsulting campaign destroy potential leads but it can also lead to negative publicity for the sponsoring organisation. Public humiliation and reputation damage can arise when media or other sources publicise consistent attempts to, for example, contact people who are deceased or extremely young children etc.

To function effectively and successfully on your behalf, teleconsultants need a basic structure around their activities including:

· training – they need to be well-trained both in the principles and techniques of teleconsulting and in the basics of the specific domain of the campaign they’re conducting;

· control and integration – they need to be operating within a tightly defined overall management system that governs their activities as part of an end-to-end process that includes things such as diary control, follow-ups, data cleansing and lead management etc;

· data – having accurate and ‘cleansed’ data to support the teleconsulting activity is frequently critical if time wasting is to be avoided, public and professional credibility maintained and an acceptable penetration level to be achieved;

· empowerment – using appropriately skilled personnel means that it is possible to allow them a degree of freedom to deploy their inter-personal skills to help form a bridge to the prospect and avoid prospect perceptions that they are robots forbidden to deviate from a scripted text.

The telemarketing world of the early 21st century is a tough one to operate in. Budgets both in terms of funding and time are tight and result expectations are rightly high. Awareness of and compliance with legislation is also now a required expertise for companies conducting such activities.

Old approaches involving mass but largely non-specific calling lists progressed by unaware and inexperienced staff, are now becoming outmoded and replaced by targeted proposition delivery by trained and experienced staff.

This is where teleconsultants could help you achieve the success your business needs.

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